Civilization, civilian, civil.

Civilization, civilian, civil. – all those words come from Citta in Sanskrit Citta means the deep mind. Lincoln said: “Rightness is provided with the instruments of safety by the heavens.” Three men founded Western culture; above all others. Parmenides, Pythagoras and Empedocles. Through them the arts, law, the natural sciences and Western philosophy, their foundations …

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Post 138

Right now, there has begun a process which is about to catapult mankind into a totally new world. Contrary to what the newscasters say, to what all the expert’s write, to what the President’s tasks forces and the doctors are saying – contrary to all of that, thankfully a still small human voice spoke some …

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Post 19

If only Lt. Col. Frank Slade had been around to whoop the ignorant asses that murdered Pythagoras. A lot of pain would have been avoided…better late than never: Scent of a Woman | “I’ll Show You Out of Order!”