Nikola Tesla and Logos

From a biography of Nikola Tesla by W. Bernard Carlson. Interesting that the original meaning of “logos” in Ancient Greek meaning: the common sense in relationship to the whole – was later appropriated by the Christian to fit their mythos.


We have had Wikipedia and it has presented information. Now we have forgetimpossible Forgetimpossible is about presenting only that information that is critical and absolutely essential to totally ending the issues that perpetuate all of man’s unseen pain mechanisms. I saw into something profound recently. Because of that depth of insight that came into my …

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Post 139

I need some help. I need a relatively small amount of money to kickstart a very important process. There is a monumental task ahead of us, the likes of which no engineering team in the history of mankind has undertaken but we are going to do this. We are going to reverse the deserts, every …

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Post 138

Right now, there has begun a process which is about to catapult mankind into a totally new world. Contrary to what the newscasters say, to what all the expert’s write, to what the President’s tasks forces and the doctors are saying – contrary to all of that, thankfully a still small human voice spoke some …

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Great Poems

One of the greatest poems I have ever read was by Spike Milligan – the comedian. He was bipolar or manic depressive and, ironically, in this poem, a very rare poem he solved his own riddle intellectually but he could not apply it himself. Though he was a very funny man at times. His gravestone …

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Post 11

What is logos? Love confronts It does not evade It does not attack All confrontation is avoided when this simple insight is honored. All conflict is dissolved at source. Logos is the action of love married wholeheartedly with wisdom – It flowers from the identification of the shadow/ enneatypic activity and what is talking in …

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Post 3

Essence penetrated yields substance. Substance born of true essence ends enmity and all the problems that the mind caught in regurgitated knowledge cannot see.