Critical Insight

Joseph Campbell said some beautiful things. One I often reference, wholeheartedly connected to the deepest spirit of T. S. Eliot’s seminal poem: “The Wasteland,” is: Campbell said that this: is a challenge every human being faces: Is life going to eat you up in a mechanistic process of adhering to an insecure system, or are …

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In Ancient Greek Entropy means transformative knowledge. Joseph Campbell said that he was most impressed with a zen monk that got up at a lecture. (JOSEPH CAMPBELL: Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life). “I once heard a wonderful lecture by Daisetz Suzuki, you remember, this wonderful old Zen philosopher, who …

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The Tao

Yang, the light, active, masculine principle, and Yin, the dark, passive, and feminine, in their interaction underlie and constitute the whole world of forms (“the 10,000 things”). They proceed from and together make manifest Tao: the source and law of being. Joseph Campbell © Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

Post 138

Right now, there has begun a process which is about to catapult mankind into a totally new world. Contrary to what the newscasters say, to what all the expert’s write, to what the President’s tasks forces and the doctors are saying – contrary to all of that, thankfully a still small human voice spoke some …

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