why coaching matters

The difference between coaching and therapy is that the coach does not see the problem.

The coach focuses on the goal to be achieved.


Take smoking

He won’t say anything about the smoking.

Or he will simply say – you have the strength within to drop this. I see you doing it. I know you can do it.

He won’t make it an issue that you smoke

He will focus on finding out what you enjoy doing – cycling? walking? How are you attending to yourself? How are you visualizing your present? What are the axioms of feeling that rule your worldview? He will be attentive to those. To which are creative. And he will focus on those exclusively.

He will question the validity of the roots of the stressed areas and look for what sensitivities need to be awakened in you. He will focus on seeing you with the life you aspire to flourishing all around you.

Counseling and therapy focus on the problem, on the victim mind.

Where there is emotional trauma there is this sense of a need for therapy.

But when we “therapize” or “counsel” ourselves into making the problem important we can lose sight of vision.

Coaching focuses on vision.

On the bigger picture.

On fresh green growth.

On what is generative.

When a field is poisoned we heal it by planting new seeds, adding water, mixing in fertilizer so that the soil is strong.

Then it has the inner strength to carry out the poisons, to heal the trauma – to focus on new heights.

Not wallow in pained histories – not allow behaviors to be governed by defining ourselves as victims…

But project fresh happy healed scenarios into form by the leveraging of wholehearted focused creative minds.