The session I had with Anne was truly motivational and encouraging. Anne was so open and friendly and was so easy to talk to. She has so much patience and has wonderful knowledge of Neville Goddard’s work and personal experience with his techniques. All is possible to achieve..there are no limits and I left the session feeling on top of the world and that I can really achieve anything and everything I desire. She gave me some wonderful advice and tips that I still use. Thank you Anne, A.K.

I felt as my life was going in circles. Anne’s warmth and encouragement has helped me to realize unless the change comes from within, my experience will remain the same. She suggested to me that I would be mirroring the same image of yesterday. If I were to write a new script for my next book, it would have to come from the inside. To know my own wisdom. Through her loving counsel, I am inspired to write the first chapter, full of adventure. J.B.

I was completely overwhelmed and clueless to find balance in my work and home life. Nathan gave a different point of view of life. He helped me to think more deeply and channeled my focus on what is important. He guided me to a point where I was confident to make difficult decisions and share my thoughts and ideas with my peers and leaders. Now, I look forward to dealing with situations rather than avoiding or stressing over them. R.M

I used to stress out a lot over small things. I have had issues with self-doubt. Sometimes I engage in a task and I feel overwhelmed. Nathan helped me to visualize my goals from the standpoint of feeling relief that they have been accomplished. He helped me focus on my inner strength and believe in myself. He also taught me to find out the pattern in my mind that recreates the same old negativity. I wish I would have met him earlier in my career. I am getting better and better every day. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate Nathan’s selfless help. I am happy to work with Nathan. S. B