There was a little boy who wet the bed. His grandmother spent some time witnessing his behavior and she surmised that he was sharing his love but it wasn’t being received well. His love therefore was literally leaking out.

Once this insight dawned, thereafter everyone in the family said how grateful they were for him loving them whenever the little boy shared his love for those family members. They said “Ooh Thank You for your love – it feels so good. I so appreciate it.”


From that moment on the little boy never wet his bed again.

— The word “business” comes from Middle English and it simply means “appointed tasks.” Essentially business is about people: people working in businesses, people getting their needs met through products and services.

At sutranovum we are focused on the value of the human being. Maturity means learning the art of forgiveness. Maturity is also about prioritizing your own goals and accomplishing them rather than making the goals of someone else your raison d’être and living your life trying to fulfill others dreams. We believe such maturity is not mutually exclusive from authentic collaboration. That the two are actually aligned when emotional intelligence is fully awakened in us.

We believe that when companies build their logic around the value of the human being, their aspirations, needs and wants, while maintaining clear goals for the company, then that is a mature company. Semco in Brazil is one example of such a business. There are more and more coming to the fore.

If business means appointed tasks, then mature businesses must be focused on tasks and goals that are wise. But what does wisdom mean? The English word comes from a greek word which means: “prudent” or “self-controlled.” Emerson wrote that prudence is the “the outmost action of the inward life.” When we look at the history of the buildings that have dominated society there are three that stand out:

the church or temple

the state building

the skyscraper

The word economy comes from a word which means: ‘household management’

Managing a household requires understanding the ecosystem. On a farm, the ecosystem is the land, the crops, the weeds, the insects, the climate etc. Every subject in our programs page is an ecosystem. From the body to the planet, an ecosystem is involved. Managing oneself, managing a family, managing company – is an inside job, it requires intuition, sensors, feedback, monitoring, decisions etc.

Being prudent or self-controlled is looking at what we are projecting out – is it insecurity or faith in our resources and capabilities and each other…and the potentials therein?

“It’s an axiom of business that great companies grow their revenues and profits year after year. Yet quietly, under the radar, a small number of companies have rejected the pressure of endless growth to focus on more satisfying business goals.” 

Small Giants – Companies that want to be great not big – Bo Burlingame

Things like manifesting a great working atmosphere, providing awesome customer service, being focused in excellence in what they do, contributing wholeheartedly and smartly to their wider communities, facilitating inspired ways for their employees to manage their workload and lead wholesome balanced live. We believe that insight and wisdom when applied to business is really about serving people and harnessing creativity and being attuned to genuine need and genuine harmony and to contemplate the alternative is passé. It’s not about bringing in tons of investors that the business becomes a slave to.

Generally speaking, consultants work on businesses not on individuals.

A consultant deals with the overall organization or specific parts of it and not with the individuals within it. This may or may not support the emotional needs of the individuals within the larger story. Consultants only indirectly affect individuals. They share of their expertise to develop a business or to present solutions to certain challenges.

We at sutranovum work on both. It has been said that: “Humanity’s problems cannot be solved externally.” This is true. Wisdom brings the attention back to the motivating factors in the individual and then extrapolates out to the business or enterprise or goal that is connected to the individual. Not the other way round. This is the focus of emotional intelligence. And humanism. And self-love.

Coaching/an alert consultant cannot ignore the emotional wisdom of the individuals. He or she ignites the flame of their fulfilled selves. This makes all the difference to the larger enterprise.

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The Mindfulness Institute was founded by Mark Coleman in 2002 to take the wisdom of ancient mindfulness practices and make them relevant to modern life. Through its programs, coaching and consulting, the Institute supports individuals and organizations to develop focus, sustainability and well-being through mindfulness and complementary practices. Programs are responsive to the specific needs and challenges of each level of the organization and to the individual.

The Institute utilizes techniques that are applicable to work and in one’s personal life. Grounded in self-awareness practices, we use methods that cultivate leadership qualities, including: focus, resilience, empathy, compassion, self-observation, communication, clarity.

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