creative writing classes

Creative Writing Classes

Nathan has taught English around the world. He is available to teach English online. He teaches either English language or Creative writing classes one on one.


Nathan has taught my son Sedrick for over a year now online – one class every week. They write stories and explore many subjects. My son is a smart kid but is somewhat withdrawn at times. He has a love of creative writing and the stories that Nathan and he work on help to spark his creative imagination outside of school work.

He enjoys the stories – participating in their creation and formulation. His vocabulary has expanded and his interest in creative writing has been well-nurtured by these classes. Nathan adapts his class to my son’s interest. I am sure it has been a positive influence on his growth as a thinker, writer and contributed to a more well-rounded education.

Jian – San Francisco

August 2020

To book a class email to or telephone: 

1-415 867 5675

A one hour class is $45.  Classes are conducted on google hangouts, skype whatsapp or zoom.