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Totems and Catalysts:

Something people do is: they worship their teachers or an inspiring person. But they are only there to remind you about something you already know.

If we would only go inside, we would find our own clarity, wisdom and understanding beyond and surpassing all others.

As coaches here at sutranovum we exist as catalysts to support you coming into this deeper awareness in your own life.

Dwelling on past irritations or hurts perpetuates them and creates a vicious circle that serves to confirm these negative emotions. The circle can be broken by starting now to revise anything that you no longer wish to sustain in your world.

Neville Goddard

Does your past haunt you? Does it follow you wherever you go? Does it define who you are and what you can do? And who you want to be? Does it give you an excuse to be less than? An excuse to be a failure? An excuse or something to blame for the way your life is?

Nothing, we repeat nothing, has that kind of power over you. It is your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs about your past that are defining your future.

One must get off the “poor me” boat and sail off to beautiful blue seas. From victim to cherished life the mind must be calibrated to use imagination and gratitude wisely.

To take responsibility for your life demands emotional intelligence. Do you believe you were abused or betrayed or hurt in the past and can’t let it go? If you are still carrying it with you then you yourself have become the abuser and you are abusing yourself to this day. Let it go.

It is a choice and a decision to take your past with you and have it be involved in your decisions about your future. It’s all you!

Everyone, we repeat, everyone has a story. Those that let it go, decided it didn’t have power over them anymore. Whatever your story, it’s time to let it go and sail away. Our service helps with such shifts.

When applying fora coaching session please fill in this form below by answering all the questions as best you can. There are no right or wrong answers here. There is only what is true for you. Please do not skip any of the questions. Please answer in as much detail as possible. Send your completed form to

Coaching Form:

1. What is/are your goals? What do you really really really want to achieve in your life?

2. Are your goals creative or destructive? Does fear or self-love inform it?

3. What challenges do you believe block you from achieving your goal?

4. What traumatic experiences do you feel have impacted your life? What has been the negative consequences of that? What has been the positive?

5. How do you feel fear blocks you in life?

Be as specific as possible.

6. What are you grateful for?

7. Do you use gratitude to affirm what hasn’t happened yet? If so how?

8. What would you do if you were given many millions of dollars?

9. Write a brief bio.

10. List the key milestones in your life and share what you feel are your gifts and what the phrase “follow your bliss” means to you.

For this last one be incredibly specific. There is likely to be overlap between the first question and the last.