Emotional Intelligence in Work

Work is not the purpose of life. But it is essential to human dignity. To contribute. to collaborate. to create.
WThis is what we do when our hearts and minds and hands are aligned.
The word for hand in Latin is “manus.”

From that word we get:
manifest destiny mandate manual manuscript manifest man
Our capacity to fashion things with our hands is critical to who we are.
The heart talks to the head and the head to the hand and so the head aligned with the heart yields all harmony.
When the heart is not attended to…then discord is certain.
When the heart is heeded harmony is guaranteed.

How we prioritize emotional intelligence in the workplace dictates whether our options are to flourish or merely to survive.
When a wise mother looks at her newborn child….her heart full of love…survival is not an option. All her heart wants is for her baby is to see it flourish.
If you look at yourself in the same way, you are looking with the eyes of love.
You begin to see why self-love is at the root of the tree we call wisdom…..