Emotional Intelligence in Sexuality

Sexuality is the juicy fun of man’s being. It is to be honored fully. It is a rich part of the multi-layered tapestry of life.
When a fruit drops to the forest floor it nourishes. It gives the seed the nutrition to support the flowering of new life.
Sex is the nourishing sustenance that relieves tension, supports social cohesion and gives man a divine experience that brings the seeds of new life together.
The Taoist and the Tantric masters explored the divine beauty of sexuality.

And in the 12th century the French troubadours lifted by the troubadours exalted erotic love to another level – and amor or romantic love was born.
Prior to that society was structured around agape or brotherly love and the erotic impulse which was placed within the structure of what your father did.
A son of a blacksmith was likely to marry the daughter of another one. In many parts of the world today this is still the model. Astrology may play a part in the match making but marriage tends to be born of economic station. These are harmless details but not so when the imaginative heart is not recalled; not prized.
Unfortunately in history there has been a lot of guilt projected onto sexuality.
Be it the man’s prostrate. Or a woman’s sexual nature. We get the word embarrassed from the same root that gives us the Spanish word for pregnant. Where there is guilt there is fear. And fear is wisely summarised in the acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real.
It need not be recognized.
It surely is a thing of the past. Of its passed deceptions.
Yet another reason to be grateful 😉