This dropdown covers some of the core areas of the focus and range of our work.


These are the fields of human endeavor and experience they are also the focus of our business.

We are a platform.

We give talks and trainings on these areas. This is our vision. We have planted a seed. Watch it grow.

The etymology or root meaning of ‘program’ means to write a public notice. What is writ. What is adhered to. What is preempted (by our values essentially…paired with our imaginations). What is programmed. The word reconcile means:

make (one account) consistent with another, especially by allowing for transactions begun but not yet completed. What is reconciled is what is witnessed – what is seen. But what is seen is also what is programmed. Move directors create movies. Computer programmers write programs. Both deal with scripts and scriptwriting.



And….The universal language of meaning.


which invites us to see the woods for the trees, with the heart first and the head in alignment following….Well, we create meaning.By the stories we fashion.That is what we do.