Emotional Intelligence in Gender

Often, over the course of history, we have been segregated in schools. Boys in one school. Girls in another. We have been mixed too. But that does not mean, as a society, that we have mastered the emotional wisdom necessary for that blending to mix in absolute harmony. As is its destiny.
In Indian mythology three solutions were prescribed to the three problems man encountered over the course of his earthly life:
1. Yoga or psychology for the challenges of mind 2. Ayurveda or medicine for the challenges of the body 3. Precise language for the challenges of communication

When you look at the lack of emotional intelligence in parenting it comes down to miscommunication between two people. To bridge this divide demands that we look within to our own projections and disenthrall ourselves from what is not in harmony with deepest selves. It means to dislodge our belief in inequity. The Native Americans identified five sexes in man. The explorers who first came to the New World and its unspoilt Eden They had never seen a land so uncorrupted. The Europeans saw new geography, new plants, new animals, but the most perplexing curiosity to these people were the aboriginal peoples and their ways of life.
Of all of the foreign life ways Indians held, one of the first the Europeans targeted for elimination was the two spirit tradition among the Native American cultures. The same happened in Asia, Africa and Oceania when the colonialists arrived. At the point of initial contact, all Native American societies acknowledged three to five gender roles: Female, male, Two Spirit female, Two Spirit male and transgendered. And all were recognized for their unique value, their inherent contribution. We might have lost the wisdom of these aboriginal cultures. We tried our best. We raped and we murdered and we pillaged. And yet truth has a way of standing tall. Truth has a way of not being diminished. Truth has this tendency to rise above what is deceived.

Life gives us challenges as gifts. To the bodies eyes it is not apparent, but when we look with a deeper clarity, we find, we come to see that there is a structure, often hidden, but not obscured, that prepares us for greatness, that prescribes a secret harmony. What is blocked yearns to rise up.Something there is within man that teaches patience and forgiveness. Such things are no small lessons. What is impetuous, nervous, reactionary…cannot come to know what is unlimited. Only the calmest countenance can know this, this that cannot fail.