High Rises

People live on only 1 or 2 floors of a large apartment building which is our minds, forgetting the rest. In ordinary life, we can get stuck in a single story, a story that is worn and cramped, living on just 1 level of a many-storied house that could be palace of possibility~ Carl Jung

In the quiet hush of the dawn

and the calm coming of dusk we can hear the rhythms of nature – we can contemplate the miracles of creation that are endless and ongoing when there is a transcendence of certain limited views of consciousness; and to quote Leonard Cohen; there is a crack in everything; that’s how the light/evolution gets in.


So often wisdom is obscure and hidden and we must dig to find it in ourselves and in the reflected world. Yet, it is essential. To find in oneself and ones conduct the very leveraged knee of the world; the apex and the axioms of conduct – to excavate what matters to the great muses …

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