4 Cathedrals

There is the cathedral of a great library, where man shared his knowledge and tales of life and imagination. Here we can find great kindred spirits. There is the cathedral of a great garden or farm or nature reserve. A place where man has adored nature and made her fully bloom through his artifice and …

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Clouds run the world Clouds born of plants Clouds born of data and the analysis that follows And clouds high up in far away mountains that have us dream of things that never were.


As a younger man I was interviewed by Richard Dawkins at Oxford University – popular academic in evolutionary biology. He did not give me a place. For several years prior to that I had been tutored by one of his best students. I didn’t really want to settle for second best so I went AWOL. …

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On humility

Humility and infinity are very difficult to talk about.Yet, when the mind is quiet one can broach expansion and infinity is, by nature, expansive. In each age we evolve as a species. That is a law of nature, it is intrinsic to nature. There may seem to be movements and moments of regression but in …

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My father is a River pilot and a very good one to boot. To navigate the river and the sea and the ocean one must be a good judge of men, and the wind and the tide and potential. Navigation, the science that lead to piloting was the child of Parmenides.

We can ameliorate the situation of man- the yoga sutras of Patanjali

Of this I am certain. It demands guts to come to certainty. Beyond the projections of the ill informed intelligentsia, there is a deeper current of foremost certitude. Some argue the 23rd sutra of the 1st chapter contends for pride of place in the pantheon of sutras. The 23rd sutra says?: With faith, anything is …

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