tame the monkey mind

Tame the Monkey Mind

For children and adults alike, to be emotionally wise it helps to embrace narratives that keep us focused on what is lighthearted and genuinely meaningful and aligned with a growth mindset.

To that end we created bodisutra

The source of bodisutra – Guru the dog….in his own words:

‘In a parallel universe far away in space and time from our own:

A scientist named Norman toiled in obscurity at the preeminent research facility on space station Omega12. One day he stumbled and sat upon a button. A fateful red button marked “do not press when phase oscillator is in operation.” The phase oscillator was indeed operational, and it sends Norman’s consciousness hurtling back to Earth in the year 2015, where it landed with a sharp thud inside the body of a sturdy young, floppy eared Tibetan mastiff. The dog let out a startled yelp. (And on Omega 12, some other person was now suddenly the equally startled possessor of Tibetan puppy consciousness.)

“Oops,” thought Norman.

Oops indeed, for he knew there was no way back. The phase oscillator was gloriously, spontaneously random in its effects, and could not duplicate anything twice, let alone in reverse. He was stuck. And this is where it gets interesting. Let’s let Norman—who is now known as Guru—tell you the rest of his story:


Guru: So yes. My mind traveled back in space-time. Don’t ask me how, it just did. As you can imagine, my arrival created kind of a stir. It’s not every day a talking science puppy arrives from the future.

Within days, emissaries from all the industrialized countries came knocking. They wanted to know about future technologies. Future innovations. But I knew the people of 2015 Earth weren’t ready for all that. I knew they’d just misuse the information and get themselves into even worse trouble than they already were in.

I convinced the United Nations that it was best NOT to divulge future technology secrets, but rather to work with the core problems of man. The way the mind thinks and sees. After all, the science training of my century includes the study of philosophy, humanism, yoga and spirituality—because we recognize scientific training all by itself is not a balanced understanding. A more holistic approach is required.

So it was decided that my most useful function would be to take two monkeys and educate them—and then widely impart all the knowledge gained through this process, via youtube and other social media streams.

For the benefit of all humankind, as well as the planet. The UN agreed to fund this project. They set me up with a swanky research station and media facility. I meliomorphed…err…transformed the brains of two ordinary monkeys into intelligent beings capable of great understanding. And then I set about educating them.

The social media streams document this process.’