The minds of Bodi, Norman and Hana come from a parallel universe. Bodi got as if bumped on the head in the wormhole. Norman got more enlightened. They both downloaded English.

Norman is a zen master with a dry wit. Bodi is his, sometimes foolish but ever exurberant student. Hana is Bodi’s patient and brilliant wife.

The premise being:

Only the court jester could laugh at the king. But who laughs at us?

That question birthed bodisutra as a concept.

This is what inspired the journey of bodisutra for me:

A story within our own stories about our stories reflected back.

We are monkeys given knowledge.

We play gracefully and ungracefully with ideas.

Those ideas can be dangerous.

The fool in fiction can demonstrate the consequences – with comedy, in the eyes of the audience.

The consequences of those ideas can deliver a reckoning. I feel that is what our time is about.

We need humor to find the strengths to embody the wisdom to be resurrected, restored humans.