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Embracing emotional intelligence

sutranovum is a business dedicated to breathing in the enlightened future now. It is already here. We play our parts by believing in it, imagining it, seeing it, living it in. By embracing what is hidden we celebrate what may once have been deemed impossible. We are a global organization celebrating your awakened potential. We are dedicated to sharing insights on how your emotional state creates the world without.

Our motto is:

different space inside – different space outside

A brand dedicated to seeing with new eyes, to the spirit of levity and emotional intelligence.

We recognize that:

gratitude is a muscle: use it

We affirm that true leadership is born from the blossoming of genuine vision and from recognizing the divine presence within. We are an educational foundation dedicated to celebrating our wonderful healed hearts and minds – liberated of their self-deception and most intimate with their passion, peace and generosity of spirit. We embody Emerson’s dictum that:

“The way to mend the bad world is to create the right world.”

sutranovum was born from the awareness that humility, faith and imagination can rise to any challenge and that trust frees the mind. We offer private coaching for individuals and businesses, training programs, events geared toward embracing wise approaches to ourselves and our environment, we are an inspired publisher and we have a limited edition gallery and expansive shop dedicated to the talk we walk. We develop narrative based technology.

what we do

sutranovum is an organisation dedicated to supporting people lead fulfilled lives. The problem and the solution cannot exist in the same state. We focus on the positive and seeing it in. We recommend Self-Love as the wise place to start and end all your journeys. We are a lifestyle brand dedicated to emotional intelligence, good humor, and psychological growth.

How can we help you? How do you help yourself? How do we see ourselves differently? How do we grow wisely? How do we collaborate happily? How does imagination play a part in achieving your goals? What part does assumption play in your story? What are the conscious and unconscious assumptions running in your programming? What role does fear play in your story? What is involved in the internal transformations that heal trauma and reverse negative perceptions? Such questions are integral to what we do in and with our lives.

Select the area you wish to grow in and engage with us as coaches, authors, workshop leaders, collaborative pollination hosts and much more.

What we offer

At sutranovum we are delighted to engage with you in the following ways – 6 divisions – 5 are products and services and the final is includes our non-profit focus and how you can get involved.

1. Shop includes sutranovum books and many other inspired products

Categories include: Fashion, Apparel, Stationary, House and Home, Journals, Bath and Bedtime, Essential Oils and Perfumes, Games, Drinking Flasks.

All our products we develop in house with various partners.

We follow the wisdom of: “Does this thing bring me joy?”and “Less is more.” We believe in refinement. If you have a bag – have a strong well designed one that lasts. at is multi-purpose. This seems to follow a trend of returning to quality merchandise. Products that are durable and that are made well. For example: we make sure that our yoga pants are super durable, comfortable and stylish.

We source all our products sustainably and when we finish a design we profile it on a crowdfunding platform and on our shop and that way we only produce what we sell, what the market wants. All our products are not about cheap. They are about durable. And very well-designed. That is our focus. We welcome design ideas too.

We have raw silk yoga pants in production. We have babies clothes on the table. We have a number of bag designs being prototyped. We are a shop and yet we follow the now growing trend that “less is more.” Our philosophy is quality over quantity. You don’t need ten pairs of jeans. You need two really good ones. We focus on that kind of product and that kind only. You pay more – but they are exclusive and of the highest quality, You don’t need crap. You don’t need 20 bags – you need three good ones. ‘What you buy might as well be high quality. Why compromise? You are the artisan of your life. Not it’s victim. You figure out how to do it right and enjoy the process.” That’s the philosophy we expound. That’s the nuts and bolts of our business model too.

For the last couple years there has been a trend in San Francisco. The thrift stores here like Good Will have had to turn a lot of donations away – Mary Kondo’s “does it bring you joy/ less is more model is hitting home. People want less crap. More Order. More out of life, to get down to the marrow and celebrate it. American Giant is a business that makes 150 dollar hoodies in San Francisco with Chinese American women and their hoodies are more than twice as good as the mass market ones out of sweat shops in China. They last at least twice as long and are more than twice as tough.

These two trends are at the heart of our approach to all our products and services. They are well designed to the highest rugged standards.

sutranovum books

We curate our store with certain titles we find uplifting. Some that are older and in the public domain – but that are classics and that make for thoughtful gifts any time of the year. We also have our in house authors. This publishing wing is primarily focused on inspiring tomes that help you to live more fulfilled, more focused and uplifting lives – we cover beautifully illustrated stories., the wise reading of myth as metaphor, the themes of self love, leadership, ecological wisdom, financial savvy, agricultural knowhow and meta approaches to human and planetary wellbeing.

2. Our Events

We offer talks and retreats on the themes that our brand is dedicated to. We invite guest speakers – we launch this part of our work exclusively in San Francisco.

3. Services

We have: – a coaching division – we coach individuals, couples. families, governments, NGOs, international organizations – see why coaching matters here – a consultancy – we offer emotional intelligence workshops – on emotional intelligence in the workplace – on the divine sexual nature within us and others – on what it means to be mature and emotionally wise parents

and on many other themes which you can see explored in our themes section.

– breath workshops – breathe.in is a division of sutranovum dedicated to honoring and honing the breath

– a trekking company – that uses time in nature as a vehicle for communion with nature and self-discovery. We choose our destinations, our team and our theme very carefully.

4. A Gallery

– Offering Limited Edition Prints

An online limited edition art gallery dedicated to the premise that art is the pursuit of putting things in the right place, and with that as the frame of our focus – we may aspire to see and focus on the grandeur

5. Get Involved

Social Media –

Follow sutranovum’s new products on it’s store. Follow our adult brand on instagram, facebook and twitter Follow our consulting and coaching division on linkedin Follow our writings on our blog.

bodisutra our narrative wing – we employ a fun story to rethink everything – the goal being to tame the monkey mind – and have fun doing it 🙂 Follow bodisutra on youtube, instagram and facebook.

Check out our Yelp and our Google business page.

Our Non-Profit Work (this ties in with our talks and workshops too) – in development – is founded on the following:

Our Vision: We are dedicated to mentored educational programs – focused on everything from seeing beyond homelessness to integrating technology with government and NGOs and businesses to help them engage in inspired work.

Collaborative Pollination Events – a forum for implementing radical solutions to sharing and using planetary sources from the vantage point of an enlightened approach to the application of technology aligned with nature and the needs of mankind A foundation whose focus is on programs for coaching teachers, parents, students and adults (professionals and non-professionals) on the importance of emotional intelligence – but we go further and seek to collaborate with villlgro.org and support their work in developing entrepreneurial businesses.

Plans for free co-working spaces that are funded by philanthropic efforts to reinvigorate economies.

moving mountains

What we see:

Emotional intimacy is the engine of real engagement and deep experience and we are convinced that trust is the fuel of that engine. So building trust is paramount to emotional wisdom – and wisdom in general; be it among individuals, among families, among communities, among states, among nations and among the peoples of the earth.

We affirm that:

We are the eyes and ears and the hearts and minds and hands of that earth and when aligned emotionally, technologically. ethically. economically…and by language. by deliberately telling empowered stories that serve to lifts us, when we are inspired, interconnected and in tune with the wonderful powers within us….we, each of us, can move mountains…

our focus​

“The way to mend the bad world is to create the right world.”

True leadership is born from the blossoming of genuine vision and from recognizing the divine presence within. We focus on emotional intelligence and embracing vision in all areas of human experience and enterprise. All this is built around the awareness that it is far wiser to teach a man to fish than to give him fish and the insight that a cure is better than “solutions” that treat the symptoms only. This business vision is built around the recognition of the significance of emotional wisdom. We work with individuals, companies, governments, NGOs and international organizations.
The time of the conscious self has arrived. The time for sirens and flames is over. Man, now alive to himself and the immeasurable gratitude in his heart, blossoms. Wisdom is a light that shines away all darkness. We dare to imagine a healed economy, a healed society, a healed planet. Every destructive thing that man has wrought can be reversed. Look at your hands.
See the beauty.
See the love.
The head talks to the hand. And the heart talks to the head. In 1963 John F Kennedy addressed the Irish parliament and he shared these inspired words:

“The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics, whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.”

We now choose to embrace a new narrative, one that liberates us from the folly of our complacency and ignorance, from a past in which we are crucified on the sorrow of our misperceptions. We are now reborn to the fabulous stories within us and to the radiant earth before us. sutranovum was founded in and is based in San Francisco
Our team spans the planet.
Our work will be launched in many other cities around the globe soon.

the heart of what we do​

At the core of our work is the focus on celebrating the stories and the world we most wish to inhabit, by changing oneself first and foremost. We recognize that: when we start with complaining and worry, being overwhelmed, these things are like magnets for creating the opposite of what we are focused on achieving. But. when we learn to pause. and to come ourselves refreshed and enlightened to what matters and to who we are –

we recognize the problem and the solution cannot exist in the same state.

So we focus on emotional intelligence, gratitude, serenity, clarity…, from these things flower fulfillment. They are the pivots of our happy world. The one we construct through the axioms of our appreciation. We will it in by making it our focus. 

By being aligned with the deepest avenues of trust within us. When a human being is virtuous he is not informed by insecurity. His or her focus is on fulfillment. We have a conscious choice to be blinded by the illusionary specter of insecurity or to see through fulfilled eyes. We can naturally focus our attention on trust, gratitude and creative vision. We can dare to dream and see beyond distractions to what matters: to the human heart nurtured, emboldened, wisely attuned to the limitless mind and to the loving loyal hands that do its bidding.

our team

sutranovum involves many people working together around the planet but here are some of the key players involved.

We are more likely to be seen in sandals than suits.

Nathan Daniel Curry – Founder, Coach, Consultant, Author, Teacher, Scriptwriter

Matt Mayer – Technical Architect, Dad, Comedian

Darryl Ferrucci – Head of Graphic Arts and metaphoric Jazz violinist

Joris Vergult – Operational manager, poetic engineer

sutranovum ark studios is as follows:

Enas, Kris, Randy, Shira and Steve – more to follow on this. 

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