Rainbow’s end

“Too much upness”

That was the phrase he used. He was a Jungian therapist.

I considered him the wisest American man, together with Robert Bly, in modern times. Robert A Johnson.

He used that sentence to sum up the essential issue with Western culture.

What is the West?

It is vast.

But, seminally, like all great cultures, it has a root. The root has two principle and different features.

The rusted first root is in Ancient Greece; what is today mostly Southern Italy and her islands.

I have run the track at Olympus and I have felt it. The vibrancy of that culture.

The seed was sewn in those souled soils around 450 BC. It was seeded by an Asian man named Abaris the Skywalker. He came from Ancient Mongolia/Tibet and he came to greet Pythagoras specifically.

Around the same time, a great being, , Parmenides was living, first in Turkey and then Southern Italy. They founded the civilization that has courts and libraries and roads and aqueducts and navigating ships and planes and spacecraft. Such men laid the foundations of that culture.

But the other aspect of the root – is the living surrection of that.

It is the only true hope, and the best hope that we have.

Is this a colonial perception? Some white dude wanting to assert his power and lay down the law? My skin is white. I am writing these words.

I own them.


I am not married to any vested interest other than truth’s grove.

Why is it the best hope we have?:

When Carl Jung went to New Mexico he met the local shamans of those vast plains.

He asked them how they saw the white men. They said that they saw him as ‘he with the “hooked nose.”’

He was never satisfied with what was before him.

He always wanted to find a hook. To figure out how to get more. And if only he could let that aspect of himself go! If the hook became what to explore, without being avaricious from an insecure perspective then Parmenides was heard.

If you go to any school on this planet, or any other, inhabited planet , you will find that the prevailing “meat-suit” majority tends to triumph.

After a while, Napoleon made a rule that he could be only be woken with bad news. In the history of the hooked nose, he was maximal in his avariciousness. And being so centered / he understood the shadow of the psyche. He confronted it / but with bloodthirsty intent miring his focus.

Hinduism had been around for a long time, then “the upstart” Buddhism took its place. It thrives outside of India, its birthplace. But it was too threatening to the status quo in the context of its birth and it was mostly ousted.

The best hope we have.

  • what is it?


One must breathe deep to confront this question with total peace and relative composure.

“There is only one man in the world. And his name is: “All men.”’

So wrote the American poet, Carl Sandburg, a humanist.

The best hope we have?:

The biggest bully in the school becomes humble.

That’s the best hope we have.

If the dominant race in ANY culture can become humble to its flaws, including the error of its science and its reactive social science, then man can ride the tide of his own folly.


Truly humble. Not partially so for appearance’s sake.

Without that, we have nothing.

With it, we are golden.

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