Carl Jung’s darkest vision

Carl Jung had a vision that was far from uplifting. It disturbed him greatly as he could not see over the lip of it.

I believe his vision was centered on the general flavor of our times. But specifically Covid. I do believe I can see into the mind of Carl Jung. He was a giant intellectually. A deeply wise man and the mind of a healer who comes along rarely.

What I got from his prophetic vision was a sense of threat and immense foreboding. You can read about the apocalyptic scene he witnessed.

In the great flowering that happened in his time Joseph Campbell was among them. Jung was looking down the barrel of a dark vision. I think such a mind is granted profound access to realms most others are not and never are going to be familiar with.

Campbell said:

Apocalypse does not point to a fiery Armageddon but to the ending of our complacency and ignorance.

What Jung saw into was this red mist of ignorance. He saw how foreboding it was. How many people were impacted negatively by it. The tremendous suffering of that cloud of ignorance.

The mistreatment of animals and the pollution of the atmosphere, the viruses and toxicity of a culture deprived of its sanity by the septic tank of its own self-deception. Jung saw that dark madness that has amassed.

I mean you look at the latest climate accords and it’s not especially clever nor intelligent. They overlook basic tenets of advanced ecological systems; the harmony of Goethe and Rudolph Steiner is not clarified.

I mean we do know how to farm. With virtue. And significant intelllgemcd but we still claim ignorance – we still fall to imagine our deeper potential.

Yet, we rarely apply it. You can use silkworms and black soldier fly larvae with goats and permaculture to reverse the deserts of the planet. And we have ran so fast from the integrative wisdom of Paracelsus. We have lost that relationship with the celestial bodies and the harvesting of crops. We are utter fools really. It must be said. We need not be. We can overcome our security, our foul racism, our indignities.

And we do know, we do recognize that if we do not have reverence for nature we are brittle brutes. That’s a fact. You an indisputable fact. I sense Jung knew what madness lurked in that admonition. He saw the consequences of no refinement. That was the horror of global warming, the hottness of our dialogue with ignorance, the hell of it. It is foreboding. It is horrific. No doubt about it. And it really frightened Jung. I think he had that kind of love for humanity that was very deep and he was looking for the synthesis in psychology that somehow penetrated the missing wisdom of that divinely inspired community.

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