The Barriers to Flowering

When the Course in Miracles turned up in the world, the man who had helped write it from start to finish, Bill Thetford, who had shadowed the author the whole time, he had spent many years studying the human personality at a well funded professional level.

He died on the 4th of July and he said that morning: ‘Today is my Independence Day.’ He died with a big smile on his face in an apparent state of ecstasy from a heart attack.

If you have studied Western religions or Eastern ones or the philosophies of the world in any depth, it is no doubt that the metaphysics of the Course is quite extraordinary. Advanced physicists have looked at it and said: there is no contradiction. It never deviates.

The thing that I see that Thetford got wrong through was his argument that there is no map of the personality that works. He said all arguments in favor a valid map, ultimately are akin to the “emperor’s new clothes.” He found great meaning in the metaphysics of the Course though.

Civilizations are born, go through the journey to maturity and die. The Western Civilization was born around 450 BC in Ancient Greece.

It was influenced profoundly by the wisdom of Ancient Tibet and Mongolia and it clarified the atom (Thetford himself was an administrative clerk on the Manhattan project in New Mexico that lead to Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

But with that birth came an injection of mathematics from the East. And the evolution that was to follow was a child of that moment. It is still the case in our world today.

There seems to be two kinds of loneliness relevant here.

  1. The loneliness of being physically close to someone but the incapacity, due to the personality mechanism and its unseen mask, to really have meaningful communication as the awareness is not there in the other to see it.

Carl Jung wrote that there is a loneliness that comes with knowing more about something than another.

  1. And the root loneliness there is the existential one. If you can’t see what in your makeup is blocking wisdom you are blinded by a mask. That is the sleeping personality mask. And, despite what Bill Thetford said, of there being no solid map – the seat of the culture he was part of was encoded with it at birth and it was ‘rediscovered’ through Gurdjieff and Claudio Naranjo – there is a map.

It’s the Enneagram and the fascinating world around Pythagoras’s mathematics.

But beyond that, in the work of Robert A Johnson we see the gender story too. As it has evolved to the story today.

And when you apply those frameworks of knowledge to the life of yourself in the world, within the tapestried context of the statement in the course that says:

“I am not a victim of the world I see,”

one is definitely going to deepen ones understanding of happiness and the characteristics in our nature that nurture it. It might bring on the loneliness that Jung speaks of. But that does not eclipse the joy of the opening it grants into the nature of life itself.

Contemporary, contemplation,…

What is contemporary is with the now, modern. Aligned.

But to be so present: one must have the perspicacity to see beyond the neurotic or hysterical mind, those features of the insecure personality mask that has not been sat with, contemplated, excavated, understood, clarified, loved to healing and lived beyond.

By seeing into them, beyond them, with a happy earnestness, a different grace is possible.

The barriers to flowering can be identified. And transcended.

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