Faith – yoga sutras: chapter 1. Verse 23.

I wounded myself recently. Gosh, it hurt. But, one reflects and questions the source of the pain metaphysically. That was the focus of Dr Georg Groddeck. I fathomed some of that meta story with due objectivity. I injured my ribs. I’m incredibly fit – I walk or cycle 4 to 20 miles a day. I read about the one place on earth where men outlive women- Sardinia – goat herders. They roam those beautiful hills with their happy goats and the mind is not weighed down by victim thoughts. There is the fresh mountain air and the love of the animals and nature. Few places exist in such a cosmology to threaten love of life.

After I read about them, I wondered what makes us truly happy. I saw the blue light of a pool today from underwater and I found it immensely beautiful; the light, the color, the engineering prowess and the economy and my own inclinations / gifted me that view of that view.

Joseph Campbell said, if you can say “yes,” to life, to the pain and to the beauty / then you are on the back of the wild horse that Dionysus rides; fully alive and not excusing that life to separate yourself from the full force of it, which is the ways of fear, but confronting, which is the way of love and wisdom.

Yet, to do that, for each and everyone demands guts; profound courage.

The 23rd sutra of the 1st chapter of the yoga sutras says: faith can open impossible doors.

Some say it’s the entrance point to the yoga sutras. It is a valid argument.

When paired with a devotion to wisdom and a marriage to love, mountains move.

Faith is a muscle. We develop it over the course of a lifetime.

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