I like where I live. There are brown people and white people and black people and everything and everyone in between.

Krishna and Christ have, essentially the same root. One teaches not to be attached to the fruit of ones endeavors and maps out a story of meaning on a battlefield. The other surrenders to death and overcomes it in the name of forgiveness.

That is the essence of the East and the West.

Joseph Campbell wisely asked:

When you listen to another, or yourself:

What is talking?

Is it wisdom? Love? Compassion? Insecurity?

What is it?

To inhabit this landscape is to become aware of a deeper meaning.

Krishna wins against all those set upon him, vastly more than him, as, it is his essential axiom to do the right thing. The best definition of that right thing, that essence, was given by Abraham Lincoln when he said:

Rightness is provided with the instruments of safety by the heavens

Such eloquence.

Lincoln, at times, questioned his own resolve, but he kept at it and he rose to the occasion. He clarified what the war was really about – it pitted man against his baser instincts and invited him to go deeper: Lincoln got the memo.

Everything is part of a larger chemical reaction. The outcome is assured: transcendence and evolution. We must open our eyes to see the leylines of the most meaningful reactions.

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