What do you acclaim?

Charity is very simple.

It is this: to see the good in others – even when they can’t see it in themselves.

There is no sacrifice in such an action. There is a growth in the sense of union, there is reason for good humor and positivity and acclaim.

What do you acclaim?

What is the stamp of your conduct on the myriad whispers of this wild and beautiful world?

I see a blossoming harvest, I see harmony and evolution and individualism and I see, above all, humanism.

To come to know what is aspired of in perception demands a state of knowing beyond the humdrum noise of the conflicted ego.

Nature has a genius in it. It is indisputable. Despite our mental affairs with dis-ease – it is there, the guardian of all our most worthy treasures, as a species.

When one is fully still inside, that implicate harmony is esteemed, fully contemplated and deeply comprehended, and endlessly and incessantly and happily and curiously explored. Ongoing. That is the gift of the loving living.

“Vital people vitalize.”

Joseph Campbell

There is a kernel of good in man. No force in the wide universe can undermine it. Not one. Not when it is truly authentic.

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