Awe, and the questioner it spawns in us

Consciousness contains elixirs of potential – the question is, how do you or I cash in on them? How do we cultivate them?

When you look at the work of Robert A Johnson and many other traditions also, you find clues.

Johnson was a Jungian psychotherapist. He went to India and he saw the spires of the mosques and the temples side by side in New Delhi – and he had a transcendental experience, the Indians call it Samadhi. The psychotherapists refer to its as the transcendent.

And all religions, all of them, are born of this primal nature, this indestructible urge in sentient lifeforms to fathom the nature of creation. Does it evoke and evolve toward a greater benevelence? Do we have the quiet courage to contribute to that?

Those are no small questions. They apply on so many levels of human experience. This is the tapestried story of integrity as it finds its feet in us.

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