The Universe We Mirror

Few doctors learn much about nutrition but at the seat of culture is good food and family and friends. I admire the work of Dr Steve Gundry – his research is insightful – into lectins and the way we mis-bred and mis-feed cattle. I subscribe to his newsletter and I find it to be heavily marketed. It becomes exclusive. Still, his work is beyond trends. It goes deeper into the marrow of one of our core problems – our management relationship with resources.

Resources like soil, air, compost, plants and animals; wild and domesticated.

The cosmology of the Course in Miracles is not easy to teach. It has parallels with the refined philosophies of the East, words like Lila and Atman; very ancient philosophies.

In this sense, the word “logos” is instrumental.

It means “the common sense within the context of the whole” –

That was the meaning of the word in 450BC in Ancient Greece (which included modern day Italy).

“The Word.” (of God) – that is what logos evolved into with the advent of the Christian sects.

It makes sense, if Big Bangs and Black holes and solar systems and fiery suns and organic life and sentience are the cosmology of the universe ever evolving, then metaphysically there must be a cosmology for the realm of mind.

Trauma means a wound. Healing means seeing through the self-deception that denies all wounds are part of a healing. And the Course in Miracles, hiding behind its mythology and its language which is Christian, it has a deeper cosmology which aligns with a profound comprehension and contemplation of a healed psychology.

That psychology is not a victim of the world in his or her perceptions. .

My one issue with the Course is that it makes the world neutral. In the spirit of the biologist James Lovelock, I see the body and the world as extensions of a larger symmetry and when we get out of our own way. through shifted perceptions, life does what it naturally does, it blooms.

That demands sensitivity, compassion, an ardent awe for nature and a deep fascination with the nature of nature. Logos is born in each one when those foci are brought to application. The Greeks spoke of Tumos, as the very fire of life itself. The drive and the will.

It can become tainted if logos is lost sight of. To heal one must “forgive” or see beyond the misperceptions of the insecurity that had hijacked the mind. With this comes an end of wasted energy invested in grievances that shackle one to victimhood; yet one does not throw the baby out with the bath water, wise boundaries are key, they end the illusion of dis-parity and lack.

Inner values clarify objectives and objects are impacted. The external is not separate from the internal. Guard well then the virtue of that virtual home. It shapes the universe we mirror.

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