The enneagram and the id

Pythagoras’s math is often interested in 1-9. His teacher Abaris the skywalker from Ancient Mongolia taught him the enneagram. The oldest personality model we have that is in intact.

A child’s personality formed by 4. And there were 9 main types and 1 that was split – the 6. The 9 enneatypes, starting with the Two, pride. Then no particular order. Then 8 other misperceptions including fear and vanity.

That model was given to Gurdjieff on the Russian steppes. And to Claudio Naranjo in the Chilean Atacamas desert. A few decades apart.

Most people aren’t ready or equipped for it in many ways. One has to be a student of learning, in the sense of learning about the nature of the greater sense of the web of things and then the guard of resistance might come down.

The enneagram is a map of resistance territories- the bogs and oceans and poisoned olive tree orchards of the world. The folly of bad farming, shortsightedness in management that integrates with familiar abs flawed ego territory.

It’s also a map to what a healthy personality gifts humanity and nature. Same lens, different focus; one feeds the other, in the pale light of the calm compass of full attention.

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