Evolution and a root word

Kindness and gentility are paramount to wisdom. One cannot shake hands with clenched fists.

We know so little of the ways of entropy. The deeper Ancient Greek meaning of that word means inner transformation.

Healing is automatic when laughter and good will reign.

Yet, for those to be foremost in our meditations then wisdom demands a natural form of discipline – the root meaning of discipline is “to learn.”

A natural inner psyche order and hence an outer outer cosmos order. That was the deep meaning of this word entropy. It demanded profound learning.

You spill some honey outside and it is food for ants. It teaches you there is no waste in nature and demands the question can you have such character? Can you also be a natural human in that sense? Honor the dawn and the dusk and the wilderness and its symmetry radiating out from the bee. You are taught through observation and the screenings of a pure heart. That is entropy in its true sense. Lives fully explored and well lived. Your thriving stories. Beyond the victim mind.

There are great libraries and cathedrals in the mind. In our age, there needs to be a new fresh focus on land management. Allan Savory’s work and principles are legendary. They work. They purvey a deeper understanding of evolved ecologists in the hands of management managed-man.

In my view, from my profound fascination with the challenge, hydrogen fusion holds many secrets. We are only just beginning to understand the depths of that work. Right now we employ only two methods: lasers and electromagnets to approach the efficacy of the sun. But there are profound breakthroughs to be had, it is at the intersection of tachyons and Nikola Tesla’s unfinished work, and a new applied mathematics that beckons to be clarified, that I see the core of it. The work of Dr David Bohm and Gyroscopic forces factors too. It is an incredible time in scientific inquiry in that sense.

So yes the ecology and the deeper biology, chemistry and physics factor.

But that brings us full circle, back to my original paragraphs. We know so little of the deeper meanings of the winded trees and the cacophony of the canopy. Most of us are passersby and not in the healthy zen sense; in the escapist sense.

We know so little of the true meaning of entropy and its deeply wise ways. To align with those trajectories demands an acknowledgement of human character and nature. For that we must turn in my opinion to certain fundamental background truths.

13.8 billion years the universe has been around.

It might be a child of countless others.

We don’t know.

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. It was born in the rush that birthed the sun and all the other planets.

Man is the king of the primates, sometimes he acts like it, sometimes he does not.

But the hallmark of he with the extendable thumb, he who outsmarted the other hominids; is logos – not logic, not merely reason but the deeper meaning in the Ancient Greek sense of understanding the common sense in relationship to the whole. In that sense, paradigms matter. Dignity matters. Intelligence- the capacity to read wisely between the lines of thought matters.

A love of the soil and the splendid ocean and the rich mountain and the treasured grove matters.

We have tended to separate poetry and science, but the last lines of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin was as eloquent as any poetry I know.

I came across a word over this last summer. Some men are fishers of words and this was a very unusual and obscure word, pre-Ancient Greek, the word is hloyworm. In my understanding it was the original word for hydrogen; the mysterious gas that fueled the star of day, the sun.

Darwin ended his long book with these words:

There is grandeur in this view of life…whilst this planet has gone cycling…from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.”

The seat of that beginning was hydrogen chemistry in the sun. That lead to Cyanobacteria and an oxygenated earth.

Verm in German is a descendent of that origin word. Happy Worm. Movement. Energy. Life Aerated soils. Balanced ecology. Hloy is not too far away from holy. Sacred life. The oldest word for hydrogen; the blessed mother of all life.

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