What is your testimony to the future?

All men live and die. Most survive, with the advent of modern medicine, some, a privileged few, thrive.

The dignity of being a human means that we can all build lives of meaning and helpful capacity when we are quiet enough inside – and determined enough.

That is all well and good and all aspire for such fulfilling lives, but my mentor, Mr Tara Singh, once said:

“We know very little about the ways of fulfillment.”

That comment has percolated in me over many years.

It is an important statement, for given the mind who voiced it; its inherent depth, one recognize that in its cavernous depths there is a call to each one to surmount the ways of fear and adapt to the ways of self-knowledge.

To start contemplating the ways of fulfillment is the beginning of the avenues of thriving. Not only personally, but collectively also. The two go together

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