Vital people vitalize

Joseph Campbell had a wonderful phrase – he said that life is all about what you are meditating on. Most of us meditate in a profoundly financially focused society on the flow of money. And that is important. Survival. Thriving. Right management of assets.

But he said it is the focus of great artists and scientists and visionaries to look into more refined aspects of evolution and our humanity.

Certain discoveries comes that illuminate – electricity, irrigation, navigation, energy science, and social change which is so often communicated through the arts. And those who stand for civil liberties and the deeper aspirations of the human being.

And in the realm of contemplation too. These seem to be the collective interests of consciousness. To find a way to ameliorate our most determined and faithful selves to sail by the firm winds of deeper convictions. This was the sense that Campbell had when he said, when you follow your bliss, when you are authentic to your gifts, life provides in the most mysterious of ways. And such a questing curious being is alive and vital and passionate and compassionate and peaceful and that is why he said:

Vital people vitalize.

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