As a younger man I was interviewed by Richard Dawkins at Oxford University – popular academic in evolutionary biology. He did not give me a place. For several years prior to that I had been tutored by one of his best students. I didn’t really want to settle for second best so I went AWOL. I turned up on a permaculture farm in Ecuador and on a whale research ship and as a biology tutor- both in the Galapagos and beyond.

Then I read Herman Hesse and a lot of Joseph Campbell and science of course.

Luck had me meet Mr Tara Singh. In my honest opinion he was the greatest Ambassador from the East to the West since Abaris the Skywalker in 450BC. He was an impeccable man and he taught me things that you could not learn in an ivory tower.

He taught me, by example, how to question in humanistic terms. And that ignited a fire in me in the realm of my love of science.

Ethics and science go hand in hand. Together with art and the muses of which inspire great innovation in the spirit of man.

I was lucky to meet such a man. Sometimes failure is actually success disguised.

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