Natural Science

Someone asked me what is a natural scientist yesterday and I would say it is a good description for humanity. In the sense of how it unfolds. It is not exclusive of the arts. Nikola Tesla knew some of Goethe’s books by heart. One day he was reciting a poem of Goethe’s to a friend and one of his most important works came to him in a flash.

There is an artfulness to science. Science means “knowing” and great art and literature is part of that weave.

But in my understanding a natural scientist is anyone who is concerned with fundamental things like ecology, energy science and a deeper comprehension of the nature of nature.

In that sense Carl Jung was a natural scientist, just as Einstein was.

And it is the general focus of such minds to explore reality and find key rivers that best lead to deeper harmonious oceans. Handling trauma is like a storm on that ocean. Or deforestation and desertification.

In our present human story the weaving of land management practices which thoroughly fertilizes the soil and reverses the processes of depletion is absolutely critical and necessary. Our genetic program for millennia took the goat and made deserts because of a short-sighted view of the larger ecology. We know how to do the opposite now – embellish the landscape with livestock – not destroy it.

I think on the Ancient Greeks who lived in less pressured times and how they managed to cultivate a relationship with nature that was reverential and mutually nourishing. That is the foundation of any mature society.

When I look at nature I see no waste. I see evolution and beauty and wisdom and capacity and trust and hope. When I ponder the phrases sustainable and flourishing I do wonder how, should we make a concerted effort, we can and could reverse many of the mad trends of our collective earth.

The Sahara could become the glory of Africa. With the right practices and management you can reverse that original Eden. We have the knowhow.

The question is not: Do we have the will?

But: Can we apply it?

The other foundational critical shift for man lies in hydrogen fusion and Tesla’s work on tachyons. From what I have discerned of the science, these are two very important and interesting processes in human culture that reflect a profoundly different geopolitics and economics.

There was a documentary made not too long ago about the water wells in Morocco. Limited resources can build Mafias. Limited perceptions of resources are questioned and challenged by advances in human insight and the application of that insight: technology.

The old German word for Heaven means the place of clouds. Plants make clouds. Bring the plants back and the water follows. Allan Savory’s work is part of how we do that. It has been repeatedly demonstrated.

And when we can fully transition from fossil fuels to harness the furnace processes in the sun, our collective disempowerment, our needless self-destructive tendencies might be further questioned.

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