The primary challenge of the age and the ages and the aged – youth at its best is aspirational

And it aspires to a dismantling of the belief in scarcity, individually and societally. M

That belief in its nefarious forms is our biggest task – to disenthrall ourselves from it: as people, as larger society, as a species. To go from there’s not enough enlightened perspectives to there being ample and it being the norm.

Man is a curious and inventive creature and he has scaled many mountains and moons in his ascent. The moon of his self-inflated ego and the moon of Neil Armstrong and JFK.

Tesla and Maxwell and Edison unleashed electricity on the world. Now Elon Musk pioneers excellent electric cars. The world evolves.

There is a life beyond fossil fuels and it is my intuition that to a very large extent that lies in the juggernaut that is Hydrogen fusion and Nikola Tesla’s intuitions about the wireless transmission of power.

Fire is the essential symbol of technology to the Ancient Greeks. Fire needs fuel. There is the fire of passion and the fire of fossil fuels and the fire of woodsmoke. There is the fire of hydrogen burning up into all the other elements (eventually) in the sun. And there is the removal of the obstacles to clarifying the mysteries of those fires in the hands of the responsible mind of man.

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