Hysteria and what carries us through “the vast and dark unknown.”

The root of the word hysteria means “related to the womb.” That is the root of the word etymologically.

In the days of Sigmund Freud it was projected onto women. We have matured since then and it is now associated with human responses to trauma.

The womb is the place of birth in the physical world. It is a momentous event to give birth and it is a constant in nature: naissance.

It is perennial to organic life. It is natural.

But with the birth of the new there is concern for the evolution of our progeny – both creative and biological.

Trauma can be healed. Beyond neurosis and hysteria is a deeper humanity.

My mentor once asked Mr Jiddu Krishnamurti (both of them and myself too had the same yoga teacher in India – Mr TKV Desikachar) did life take care?

Mr Krishanmurti who set up numerous schools all over the planet, replied resolutely:

“Yes, if you completely let go.”

Robert A Johnson the Jungian scholar and psychotherapist met Krishnamurti prior to meeting Jung.

He said “Krishnamurti was completely awake and he was asking regular humans to make this giant leap. Jung broke that leap down into stages.”

Paraphrasing /\

But what Krishnamurt meant was that if you are earnest, when you fully trust in goodness, when you listen only for the auspices of love and wisdom, one is guided through the maze; or as Parmenides put it (using Peter Kingsley’s translation from the Ancient Greek).

“The mares that carry me as far as longing can reach rode on, once they had come and fetched me onto the legendary road of divinity that carries the man who knows through the vast and dark unknown.”


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