Beyond one-upmanship

I immediately warmed to Buckminster Fuller once I came across his work. He was an engineer, and a gifted one, and his biggest gift to humanity was to contemplate the planet as a spaceship “Earth.”

If you are an engineer on a spaceship you need to know how much water is needed to keep the crew alive. How much waste disposal and how regulatory. There is a homeostatic balance to consider.

In that sense Bucky strode forth into a “pragmatic humanity without borders” vision that is quite inspiring to this day.

The obstacles to embracing such a vision are purely social. Technology is not the issue. Not one iota.

It is down to morality and collective will.

Take away our pointless warring factions and find the abundant vision of our collective humanity armed with the prospecting tool of natural science and marry it with virtue and a wise path forward for the human race is assured by merit and resolve and disciplined application of such gifts.

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