The Handed One

“Man,” it is a word from Latin. And before that, Sanskrit.

In Latin, it means: “hand.”

In Sanskrit, it is related to Manu, the proverbial ‘Adam,” the first man, of culture in that subcontinent.

The hand is the emissary of the mind and the imagination, the leveled or unleveled leased leader of science. That realm, the Ancient Greeks, they referred to it as “fire.”

Fire lights fires. Ignites potential. Burns through vulnerability, to manifest the impossible. From the burning of hydrogen in a star, comes all elements and life itself.

“The evolution of the fully opposable thumb is usually associated with Homo habilis, a forerunner of Homo sapiens. … Modern humans are unique in the musculature of their forearm and hand. Yet, they remain autapomorphic, meaning each muscle is found in one or more non-human primates.”

No other living primate has the extraordinary capacities of Homo sapiens – and those capacities come down to the adventures of the inspired hand, which, in turn, is but an appendix of the wholly invested heart.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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