The Greatness of the Enneagram

A man named Abaris the Skywalker, precipitated the birth of the modern world. He walked 5000 miles from Ancient Mongolia in 450 BC and he walked into the temple of Apollo in what is now Southern Italy (then Ancient Greece) and he walked up to Pythagoras who was a priest there and he said: Sir you are Apollo.

With his gifts Abaris brought the enneagram- the oldest personality model that has stood the test of time. It’s based on the 9 sins or misperception (the 7 we commonly know and fear and vanity).

It’s a map of what makes man ugly. But when you can see the ugly for what it is, well, then that is beauty in action. That is the great value of the enneagram and it’s tied to the mystical world of Pythagorean mathematics in fascinating ways.

Beyond the deceit of the insecure mask, there is a deeper security, and the enneagram is one path to clarify that truth.

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