Templated Aspirations.

When you are most determined you discern that

to treat all people, as best you can, with the utmost dignity ,while honoring pragmatism and the very heights of the light-hearted spirit, that, astride the process of mastering that, and, in combination with the utomost reserves of your dignity, while not making oneself a mule to another’s insecurity, nor ones own, well,that – it requires character and integrity.

It is how one learns to greet ones higher authentic self in the rich manure of experiences.

Yet, it is in the fire of those stories, that man rises to the destiny implicate in his nature.

Assuredly, this is a good thing.

It is templated in the best aspirations of our nature.

Hans Zimmer – Thelma & Louise – Hans Zimmer Live – Orange – 05.06.2016

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