One of the Great Gifts of Indian Myths

This is an old myth. Once the people asked the Rishis (Ancient Indian sages) for relief from their pain.

Then, the Rishis prayed to the gods and Patanjali fell from the sky.

Pad means ‘fall’

Anjali is a mudra or hand position. It’s the shape of two hands held out and cupped together to receive a gift.

A gift to receive, but, symbolically: to implement, that’s the mythos of Patanjali – ‘he who fell to earth;’ the father of yoga.

He had a yogis body but a head of thousands of snakes.

The many heads symbolize a breadth of expertise that can answer any question.

He gave Sanskrit – language – for problems of communication.

Ayurveda or medicine for preventative health of body and yoga for mastery of mind.

Joseph Campbell said:

Listen to what is talking when someone speaks.

That is the easiest definition of psychology and comparative mythology and science – in the broadest sense. Then, you ask, “Is it genuine insight?”

That’s science essentially. That’s how it works. Well, it is woven of such alchemies anyway – and hypotheses tested. And it evolves.

In that sense, that was the fundamental focus of Sanskrit. Or any evolved language.

One of the great gifts of a myth like that is tremendous faith in the forces of nature, should one choose to make such an investment. Or perhaps one is chosen.

In that sense how is ones life chosen, how are ones gifts harnessed? Those are profound and universally relevant questions.

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