Lincoln’s Heart and the nature of the evoked Quantum

I read a great deal of Abraham Lincoln in my 20s. He left us more printed words than William Shakespeare.

I recall he said in one passage, despite being faced with the worst horrors of our mistrust and insecurity, he said, most defiantly (paraphrasing):

“Essentially people are good. It is this fundamental truth, beyond the ghost trails of our passing fear, that gives me faith to do the job I do.”

You read something like that and you can’t argue with it. It is the voice of an emissary of hope in this complex awesome world.

And as Abe would attest, it is you, and only you, that, through your faith, cements it, or you, you negate it; by your lack of faith.

You and I, we are the focus point of that question and its clarified resolution. By our example – that can’t be disputed.

The inflection of that implied agreeable or disagreeable path lies in your hands; no other.

That’s a brutal and beautiful reality.

In the right state of mind, the one that views life in the context of the implicate activity that inexorably moves in the direction of benefiting the whole – well, it is a great blessing to see into.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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