I am ageless, when I look at the behavior of ants.

An ant is an insect.

The root meaning of insect is:


Earthworms are not insects. But, insects and earthworms are animals. If, when you die, you are not cremated, yet still, even then, worms and insects and bacteria will devour your physical body.

“When you die, you die, and the wind blows away your footsteps.”

South African Bushmen saying.

I find beauty in this.

Life, lives on life, and life is very rich and profoundly abundant.

Vast are the outer reaches of inner and outer space.

Happiness is of eternity and eternity is born in the now but it transcends all of time and space.

Such beauty, found in the hidden symmetry of life, where nothing is wasted, and everything is valued; it is fathomless.

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1 thought on “I am ageless, when I look at the behavior of ants.”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    And thus I am a new teacher. I know that there are actually only teachers in a world of physical bodies. Spirit knows. It doesn’t not need remembering or memorizing or forgetting. Those are ancient characteristics of physical bodies and the mind that made it. Thus all the myths, legends, religions and magic.
    I have been born only once, and to you I seem to be a physical one. Apparently you may think as you please, even believe the story you are told or hear or think that you think, this is often called free will. I have a story too. I know that every mind that i have ever met in this world of bodies has a story. Our two cats, three geese, six ducks, countless fish and the might oak tree over the garage all have their stories. They are constantly teaching, so is everything and everyone. This ‘secret’ is amazingly being missed in the mist of the madness of the race to survive and not die.
    The maker of Facebook is not a human body. It is a mind. As is the maker of a radio and TV and a-bomb. I term this “mind”. The mind is eternal it was born once and never dies. It is born to live and not to die. Facebook stuff, tv, radio, coke cola, Microsoft and Google are all things that disappear as did dinosaurs. I am a simple gardener and teach what I am taught. Cells recycle, atoms recycle around a nucleus, water recycles to the ocean (it’s freedom is damned by madness), oak tree bodies recycle as do all bodies. Energy seems to recycle, but there is no energy. It’s the mind that made form that is in its greatest recycling that appears possible. Bodies recycle, even if burnt. The fire, which is not water, is misunderstood by the humans in the cities of madness where life is turned into stone and towers of stone, which keep reaching for the heavens in an insane attempt to enjoy life. As the cities spread like a fungus over the earth, she is forced into her recycling model for her covering of her self. The forests are her skin and as she too breathes through her skin she’s dependent on maintaining so much or else she like a child who has covered itself in modern painting is going to go into a dramatic recycling. Fire is not destruction as it appears it is to the mind that makes cities. Every bushman/bushwoman knows that it is the Great mind speeding to join the great recycling. A body is born and the earth needs them for her life. I am not sorry to teach that. I would be mistaken to say that cremation is a mistake. It is a choice. Every choice is weighted with a consequence simply because it is the mind is choosing and not the body.
    Do you give as you receive. Do you take and bring it back. Are you a lender that leads to loss or gain. Do borrow to replace or to make garbage and garbage dumps and more chaos. Garbage is a very modern idea of the madness of cities. Gathering and joining and working together in communication and communities is mirrored in nature and is natural. The new ideas to turn only the rooftops in the cities into nature is not enough, but the change is happening because the great awakening is happening. Join in and swim in the waters. It is wonderful, tremendous, exquisitely exciting and above all Miraculous.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    By what you write/ you merely make the course in Miracles a false idol. Period
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry to see you wrote that I must make it true. You can not be wrong. It is perhaps your story about how you see the world “outside” of you. You are in my world and a beautiful part of my world. I don’t understand what you want to say, but perhaps one of us will learn to understand. I still have some time to learn. I am going to my father in laws final ceremony. His body was cremated yesterday. I am going to sing ave Maria from c. Gound. Practice does not make perfect but what truly comes from the heart is enough and it is the miracle of real life.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven death is a lie. Home is now.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry yes that is ACIM teaching also. But those words are not going to bring the experience of the now to the mind that tries to kill the flies that eats the father in law’s body. Love is gentle and allows time for learning. Learning does end. In this I am sure. If you deny that, I understand that you want to be separate. I allow the learning too, but not for eternity. The knowing is coming. You know when you know.

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