Great Engineering

I just sold my car as I wanted to get a different one. The guy who is buying it taught me about it. I had this intuitive sense I was missing something about this particular vehicle that other mechanics had not identified. I am not a mechanic but every man develops an intuitive understanding of machines he interacts with.

Anyway, this guy came and we looked carefully over the car. I have taken good care of it. I love the model and he shared the same affection for it. A Toyota Previa. We just spoke about American trucks – Chevys and Fords and the like. No one else builds big trucks like the Americans. Australia has a big outback and there are large distances to traverse but most of the human population is on the coasts. Europe is compressed. India and China not as vast in the same sense as.America, which, on the other hand, is all spread out and there’s no outback and there are long distances that many must traverse: so the evolution of big trucks.

But my friend and I discovered, his understanding, not mine, that at some point the engine overheated because of user error. Now a Chevy could not run after such an impact. It takes out the head gasket. But, the Previa, it can handle that. He can fix the issue fairly easily because of his expertise. But on almost any other car, for it to run, well, it would not. The Previa can and does run well, despite what would be a mortal wound to most other cars. That’s an incredible testament to the Japanese engineers that built that car.

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