Feel the Rhythm

A friend of mine with a son my age, who lives higher up a hill to me, a very gifted sculptor, he had loaned me some books and I returned most of them today. I ate with him and we exchanged stories.

A relative had worked at the United Nations all his life and when he died he had been cremated at sea. My friend was on the boat that spread the ashes. He had been one of the few chosen for that voyage.

There is a tribe in Mongolia that sees the sky as god. They don’t question his existence. Not once.

The quote below is in Spanish by a great Shawnme Warrior, Tecumesah.

The English translation is:

When you come upon the hour of your death, do not be filled with sorrow and fear and begging to live a moment longer in a different way, Rather, sing your song of death like a hero coming home.

My friend also said something quite beautiful of another man:

“His father taught him to wash himself naked in the garden every day in every weather. He told me that it was a very great gift his father gave to him and he recognized it. He was that depth of a man.”

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