The Significance of the Work of Robert A Johnson

If you witness a hen and a rooster you see this hidden symmetry in nature. With man the higher brain is activated. So the nuances add further refinement.

No one is another person’s property. Everyone is a sovereign being. That’s a very foundational logos of law and the democratic ethos. We have evolved as a species over time. Some species do so more than others. The horseshoe crab is much the same as it was millenia ago. This is true of the bromeliad too. Okay, they are perfectly suited to their niche.

Man’s evolution is different though. It is primarily in the realm of culture, science, art, ecological know how and technology – it is the flowering of the garden of the mind.

Morality is. It is eternal. There is no evolution in the spirit of goodness, though one can inhabit it more and more.

Technology (on the back of evolution in scientific evolution understanding) and culture do evolve.

Robert A Johnson, the American Jungian psychologist, had an unusual dream as a young man. I have yet to find it, but he told the contents of it to Carl Jung. Immediately, Carl Jung responded, “That is an old man’s dream.” He guided Robert never to marry. He didn’t. He was a revered psychologist though. And he wrote three books that truly stand out.




They stand out because they look at the evolution of conscious culture in the amorous needs and attentions, the motivating factors, and the natures and humors of the human being.

They are extraordinary works in that sense. For they clarify how unhealed aspects of the psyche can project out erroneous stories.

These traumas or wounds, they undermine the human being invested in love. So it is wise to look at them and unravel them and disenthrall oneself from their erroneous logic.

In their pages, when the wisdom is brought to application, the delusions that have been widespread in human culture can be reversed.

The irony is that Robert never married. Yet, he studied the myths carefully and learned from his patients and colleagues and life at its depths.

He left a gift in those 3 books, a gift about the potential dynamics of healed relationships, at the very fulcrum of their key place in society.

It can be witnessed that the thorough application of those wisdoms, in the right hands, is profoundly healing to people involved in loving themselves back to wholeness – and that very process is a human trait based on trust and hence, universal and not unique to certain individuals.

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