The pros and cons of experts

A few years ago a very good documentary was made about the relationship between the father of the current President of Syria and Kissinger. It was made by Adam Curtis. Essentially Kissinger stabbed Assad in the back and a generation later the suicide bomber was born. The genesis of that story lead back to Assad’s frustrations with Kissinger.

All the blood we shed and the energy we waste because of our trading in suspicion and deceit. And so often those in charge are way inferior in terms of character and vision for the job at hand.

And if you look at Saudi Arabia – and the Emirates you have the highest concentration of desalination plants on the planet and in a hundred years they have virtually drilled the aquifer down 150 meters. So they can’t farm so well in ways they used to. Now they have to buy up land in countries like Nigeria. All that money and very little sense.

This evening I walked past a television camera man who had been called out to investigate a report of wasted water. For many weeks – perhaps ten, local city officials have been draining huge amounts of water into the ocean drains near where I live. No one seems to know why. I reported it to the local civic officer weeks ago. Nothing was done. Now the television cameras are telling the story.

Sometimes the news reminds me of a very dull knife. The cameraman I met had been reporting a few months ago and an explosion went off in the police armored vehicle next to the parade he was covering. I don’t watch the news so I heard about it this evening only. 60 pounds of explosives. It damaged his ear and it was down to negligence of the police, so he is sueing the police.

We like things that go bang. They get our vicarious “fight of flight” mechanism fed. The primal brain.

But it’s funny – I mentioned to him the two genera of plant I discovered that in tandem with mulberry trees and goats and silk worms, well managed, adhering to principles taught by the Savory institute and we could reverse those deserts in the Sinai and the Sahara, yet it hardly registered with him.

That’s the kind of story that could reverse the things that go bang because it restores whole ecosystems and builds the bedrock of thriving economies.

It seemed like an interesting metaphor though – the television camera man made half deaf by a sloppy police error couldn’t hear the real story if it walked up to him and told him, which I did.

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