The Mirror of Self-Worth

I deleted a “friend” a couple days back on here. I have known him for several years through shared interests and I even met him once.

We had discussed my work, but as has been his tendency, it was projected out of a lens in his mind that considered himself superior; a most cynical and self-destructive lens of focus – then he said;

“Don’t bother updating me.”

The moment he said that he was gone from my life.

The voice that spoke in him was cynicism and self-loathing. It would be utter insanity to feed such a wolf. You attract what you feed.

Calm seas do not make a great mariner. But a calm clear mind with boundaries that support an atmosphere of growth makes for a fruitful sail through rough waters.

– in other words – don’t give pearls to metaphorical swine.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

1 thought on “The Mirror of Self-Worth”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Oh, oh, oh change is the permanent. Only therefore waiting is useless. Simply follow the truth of this world and you can be happy. Each breath changes. I breath in your exhausted air. Yet my nature has replenished that. If you were exhausted and I breath you in. It is I that would excellent you.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven that’s true but why feed the voice of one who does not honor what matters. Walk away. Focus on the gold of real connection. Drop the rest.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry yes I walk on too. I shake the dust off myself after an encounter. But I still have sticky skin and the dirt cleves to me. I take a shower or I dive in the pond. I am learning to dress myself to be more attractive. I perfume myself to be more attractive. I even exercise my most attractive muscles to be very attractive.
    A human body can be considered to be whole, holed, holy and even Holy. From four holes un-pleasantries can come and that depends upon the state of being. Four holes in the human body are known to allow light and sound in. But the light that comes out is mostly unknown by humans. In Tibet, deep in the monasteries they made a hole in the forehead to manipulate the pineal gland. I know that is not necessarily the best idea. I don’t judge them. Like you I honour those who reject me. I breath them in. I change them with in me and send their rejection back into their minds with the miracle of love attached. My favourite sentence recently is. “Oh I see, he/she/they/it hasn’t learned that yet.” Quote from Geechigum.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Henry Kuyvenhoven it’s whole, not hole.
    Henry Kuyvenhoven replied :
    Nathan Curry yes and if I see an asshole I have a shitty thing in my mind and I have a hole in to which everything disappears. A black hole.
    Brian Mulenga commented :
    This is just so powerful Nathan

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