The Evolution of Archetypes

When you look at America, as a child of the European powers, you see no king.

King George of England, when he heard that George Washington had given up the Presidency, he was in awe of him. A man that could walk away from such power, must be the most powerful man in the world. That’s what he reflected. King George is generally accepted by historians to have been bipolar. Sometimes bipolar people can speak great clarity.

After the 2nd World War the mantle of power was split between the superpowers, America and its allies and Russia and hers.

There was the Vietnam war and West Berlin and East Berlin and the Korean War. Then the empires of corporations took over the economy of the planet.

Whereas Bond serves a privileged Queen, Bourne tries to remember his essential nature.

There is an evolution in such symbolic amnesia.

The toughest Indian tribe to the White conquest of America were the Apache. No other tribe could fight like them. They were unique in one aspect. Every man was prepared to be the next leader. This theme is cleverly explored in the book, “The Starfish and the Spider.”

In a sense, the amnesia of Bourne versus the blind service of Bond, well, there is the positive infection of the wisdom of the Apache in Bourne’s quandaries.

Equality evolves. Even through the mists of confusion. You find the clues to such elevated change in the myths of the age.

The Bourne Supremacy – Bourne Calls Pam

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1 thought on “The Evolution of Archetypes”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    In a world of change and apparently separate minds separation appears to evolve into unison and joining. This is the correct framework. However the extremely powerful truth of the condition is becoming obvious. Greta Turenberg is a panicked child who has awoken part of the human mind to the fact that a planet B is perhaps possible for extremely dollar possessing humans but the masses are going to have to make a choice now. 555,555 million is a drop in the bucket compared to 7 billion “individuals”
    Let’s find the way that worked to get this done.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    It’s found already.

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