Scientific sanghas and the disciplined mind

When you look at the currents of biochemical understanding that met when Sir Francis Crick, James Watson and Rosalind Franklin met you see a sort of sangha.

Sangha is a Sanskrit word and essentially it means the cumulative activity of great minds rubbing up against one another, like pebbles that sharpen in a cloth bag when they knock into and learn from one another.

The same focused intent can be seen with Turing and his team at Bletchley Park and with Oppenheimer with his team on the Manhattan project.

It takes one back to that word


At its root it does not mean a problem. At its root, that word means: ‘what is emergent.”

When faced with the horror of colonial powers fighting for supremacy, cracking the Enigma code was emergent. As was cracking the process of harnessing the power of atomic fission.

Now, we live in another moment, the story of Duction and hydrogen fusion is paramount to the challenges of our time. That and a more nuanced and intelligent approach to ecology and the management of the wealth of resources that is incumbent as a great responsibility on the top species in the ecosystem: man.

Now is another sangha moment. When we fully harness the intuitive wisdom of Nikola Tesla and his work on electomagnetic forces, that is where we honestly and squarely find ourselves. In that focus, is the zeitgeist of the moment.

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