Roots of a global heart

In my heart I am an American, exclusively because of my love of Lincoln, Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman. What those men stood for.

But I grew up in England (the land of Angles and the home of Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Keats and William Shakespeare), Scotland, Wales, France (the land of the troubadours and Voltaire), Spain (the original home of Cabeza de Vaca), Greece (the home of Parmenides and Pythagoras and Empedocles), Germany (the culture that gave us the true meaning of heaven and Einstein), America (the home of David Bohm), Iceland and Ecuador and Colombia, among other places. India (the home of Ramana and Ramanuja) and Greece and Italy and France have influenced me profoundly. Korea and the Mongolian roots of Asia also.

But when we are under attack from ignorance and complacency, above all, I am a human being and I do not shy away in the face of deceit. It is wise to liberate oneself from such injunctions.

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