Rethink Energy

There was an interesting documentary made a few years ago by Adam Curtis of the BBC.

It is about Henry Kissinger and his relationship with the father of the current president of Syria.

When you apply the wisdom of Joseph Campbell, who urged us to listen to “what” is talking when someone speaks, one can see in that story between US Secretary of State Kissinger and President Assad, one can see a very old enmity between the Arabs and the Jewish peoples.

And when you watch the documentary you get some insight into the incredible horror of that enmity and how it has cast a dark shadow over the vast reaches of our earth.

It is utterly unnecessary. All we have to do is rethink energy production.

Though this is a clip from a Bond movie, something in the words of Tennyson’s poem inspires a sense that, beyond the grievances and suspicion that create the various intelligence services of the governments of the planet, there is a heroic humanism that can transcend our distrust.

Beyond our angry guns and silly wars, there is a state that does not yield to fear.

The Poem from Skyfall | James Bond 007 (Daniel Craig) | Heroic Heart

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