Quantum Leap

Hydrogen is element number 1. The simplest element – the source of all others. Oxygen is element number 8.

There are organisms on this earth, in the deep ocean vents where molten lava bubbles up from the core of the planet, and in places like the geysers at Yellowstone Natioanal park, where animals live on silicon chemosynthesis, not oxygen. Silicon is element 14.

But higher life forms evolved over millenia after the Cyanobacteria had spent millions of years pumping the Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen.

Oxygen is combusitble. Oxygen is the fire of the breath of organic life given by plants to allow for the evolution of the higher animals.

And we, who breathe oxygen, under the light of the pale moon, we can look into the furnace of the sun and into the elemental nature of hydrogen and phyto-electromagnetic-thermodynamics and begin to harness the engine of nature for our ends. The vista such contemplations inspires is transformative.

I have looked into the annals of history to see if there is a comparison in our evolution, in terms of the leaps now before us, yet, nothing is comparable. To harness the engine of a star, by learning its secrets, that is unprecedented in history.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Henry Kuyvenhoven commented :
    Yes actually all of time has brought us to this moment. Time appears to be a string of moments. The nature of light is being understood simultaneously on many levels and is being expressed now through many apparently individual minds. Be gentle and full of care. I am not only trying to teach myself. I am he who has learned to touch the heart. It fires the soul and the soul sources the Sun. I am not heartless, nor can my heart be broken. I have a secret that ought not to be a secret. The heart is the hearth of the fire too. We may stand together on the threshold of the fire and enjoy the warmth. Our job is not only possible and wonderful, it’s actually miraculous. This I simply know.
    The thinking that is required to allow it to be less than that is acceptable only for the moment but soon it will be normal to think miraculously. How soon is soon, I am often asked. Of course I laughed and smiled the most tender smile I found in my heart. Love overcomes nothing. Love doesn’t force change. Love is not patient in the sense of waiting. Love doesn’t wait. It can not do that. It doesn’t stop either. It had no beginning. Hilarious is to say that love is a worn out word and needs rewiring, rethinking, recycling. Yes you guessed where I am going with this. Love is not the cause of death, pain, suffering and the backwards spelling of live. Love is really Life. You can not die. You can choose to recycle. It is a requirement now for humanity. Call it what you want. I support Nathan Curry. I don’t have to praise him. I know he is a great player on the stage of humanity. I have been that in many past “lifetimes”. Humanity worships saints and prophets but often they are “destroyed”. We, as humanity are able now to embrace the great awakening. It’s upon us. I am a simple gardener and have found a back “door”. I have no better word than my Teacher. The last words he spoke to me are for me personally but I am allowed to share the two words before that.
    LOVE IS.

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